OSG's handwritten notes

Openness sown – Freedom grown

In our first Open Source Gardeners* Unite meeting, we decided that we want to help people start growing Open Source Gardens in an easy way. Currently, in order to grow a variety of Open Source Seeds you often have to order them from each individual breeder themselves. So we decided to send out starter kits that contain several Open Source Seed varieties in one and interested gardeners* can start growing an Open Source Garden with ease.


Our presence at #RC3 possibly could not have been more fruitful. Literally hundreds of people hang out in the garden and got interested in Open Source gardening. So we ran a the first and only Open Source Gardeners Remote Chaos Meetup in that we decided to make a Open Source Gardeners* Unite outside of the conference and available to the general public. This will happen on Sunday, 24.January, at 15:00. If you are interested in connecting or engaging with Open Source Gardens, join us on our Big Blue Button room on Senfcall

“Remote Chaos Communication Congress (RC3)” is the online version of the annual #Chaos Communication Congress. According to Wikipedia, it is “is considered one of the largest events of this kind”. However, it is far more than “a variety of lectures and workshops on technical and political issues related to security, cryptography, privacy and online freedom of speech”. It is a festival, a utopia and after all more close to #Solarpunk than to Cyberpunk.

For this year's online event, we designed our first online Open Source Garden. It is a large world to explore, to sit in the grass, to discover community gardens and to learn about Open Source Seeds ... stay tuned : )

Also, btw, we created an assembly. Join us if you like gardening with us.

The Allmende Kontor is an association that hosts a public communicty garden on the Tempelhofer Feld. The garden is a very unique set up of raised beds, run by a community of people who offer their gardens and constructions to whole Berlin and meanwhile also sadly grows into one of the largest tourist attractions in Berlin. Sadly because there are some different interests between the gardeners and the tourists and that this place is in such a good shape is only possible thanks to dedicated community members.

Our first OSG <3


Inspired by a discussion at the meeting from Rewild Saatgut, this is the mail I just send to the FSFE’s Berlin mailing list

Dear List, we try to start an “Open Source Gardens” project in Berlin. The idea is to plant Open Source Seeds inside urban gardenings or anywhere else and put an info-sign with a link to a webpage that explains open source seeds and its connection to open source software, free knowledge etc.

This way we hope to enlighten people about free knowledge etc in a horticultural way. You can read more about it on this page: https://3rik.cc/opensourcegardens.html

I thought this could be interesting to one or two people here on the list : )

The meeting happens at my place on Sunday 16.2 at 13:30. Who has no time but likes to participate can send me a message as well.

You’re welcome to spread the word : )


—– update 2022-04-30 —- for safety reasons here a copy of the initial invitation page: https://opensourcegardens.info/archive/2020-initial-invitation.html