OSG Bouquet 02/2022: show your garden + bits&bäume + chaos.social

welcome to the second #bouquet of the Open Source Gardens in 2022. Our bouquet is what other people use to call Newsletter. We will briefly review what happened within our movement in 2022 and glimpse on what is still ahead of us in 2022. No worries, we keep it short and precise and hope you enjoy the read.

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What has happened in 2022:

Connecting Gardens 2022

From March to April we have been running another seed spreading campaign . Again, we sent out over 70 packages from Portugal to Poland, from Italy to United Kingdom. Each package filled with Open Source Seeds, an informative leaflet and love.

chaos.social – our new Mastodon instance

After more than two years on our beloved solarpunk instance called Sunbeam City we moved to another instance called chaos.social. We are still in love with our “birthplace” Sunbeam City but we felt to join an instance that federates more widely. People interested in Open Source Gardens should be able to follow our main communication channel – which is our Fediverse account – no matter which instance they are on. So we found chaos.social.

Seed Saving Workshop Video now online

Saving seeds from the fruits of the current harvest for the plants in the next season is a thousands of years old key practice to grow plants and cultivate new breedings. Not to forget, it is actually the main technology that enabled humankind to finally stop nomadism and settle down.

Still, many of us do not know how to save seeds and so we decided to offer an interactive online workshop presented by Aimee Fenech last year. We recorded the session back then and now uploaded the video on Peertube.

What is planned for 2022:

Show your Garden

we are looking for your garden pictures! We like to create a collection of beautiful pictures from beautiful Open Source Gardens all over the world as a collage, including yours.

To participate, please send us your picture until 1. September 2022 to pictures@opensourcegardens.info including a description what we see, where the picture has been taken, author and license <3

Bits & Bäume

We are super excited to run our first public information booth at a conference called “Bits & Bäume” on October 1st & 2nd 2022. And we are not alone! Together with Open Source Seeds e.V. and Open Source Ecology Germany e.V. we create a common corner with “everything open source – from seeds to hardware”. And you can be part of it!

If you are from Berlin and/or you like to come to the conference and join us at the booth, please write to contact@opensourcegardens.info and we are happy to get to know each other.

thank you very much for reading up to here and happy gardening!

Erik for the Open Source Gardens