Show your garden

Beloved Gardeners*

we are looking for your garden pictures! For October this year, thanks to @c47 and @coco, we plan to have the first Open Source Gardens booth ever at a conference called “Bits&Bäume”. At this conference we like to put up a collection of beautiful pictures from beautiful Open Source Gardens all over Europe as a collage, including yours.

Two humans around a raised bed who pick up Sunviva fruit and demonstrate the harvest.Open Source fruits, strictly sorted and aligned, from let to right: Black Heart, Sunviva, Vivaroma

To participate, please send us your picture until 1. September 2022 to including a description what we see, where the picture has been taken, author and license <3

To qualify, your picture does not necessarily need to be taken from this year, it should however show a garden with one or more open source plants in it and/or open source technologies in use to maintain that garden. For example it could be a picture of a garden where, among others, one of the official Open Source Seeds is growing – be it Vivaroma, Vivagrande, Sunviva, Lisanco or Black Heart.

Detailed picture of the purple flower of Open Source chili Black HeartDetailed picture of the purple flower of Open Source chili Black Heart

Or your picture could show an open source hardware solar panel, a raspberry pie running an open source watering system or similar technologies. Also welcome are DIY constructions you like to share open source with others.

A garden and a solar panelAn automic watering system

Your picture can be detailed or provide an overview – artist's choice. Also we love diversity: your garden can be a backyard, a greenhouse, a community garden, a balcony, an indoor garden and anything else. It is you to decide what your garden is. And we love pictures with humans on them – just make sure that everyone in the picture agrees to be published.

A balcony where in the left corner of the picture grows a Sunviva and a squirrel sits in the pot and looks outsideA pot on a balcony where a huge Sunviva is growing and before a Black Heart

All pictures you send in must be published Public Domain (CC0) or with a Creative Commons license and the allowance for us to re-publish your picture under “CC-BY-SA 4.0 Open Source Gardens”. Why is this the case? Hopefully we get a lot of pictures and if we print 20-30 pictures as a collage on a poster, there is no more space left to print all the individual author's on that poster as well. So we only want to write Open Source Gardens as a reference on it. We will however also provide an online-site for that poster where we are happy to provide any of your authorship if you like.

Looking forward to many beautiful garden pictures <3