Connecting Gardens 2022

we have good news for you: We repeat the seed sending activity #ConnectingGardens from last year to help people open sourcing their gardens

For this activity we send out the same starter kits from last year including seeds from Open Source Tomatoes Vivaroma, Vivagrande and Sunviva, Open Source Corn Lisanco and Open Source Chili Black Heart. We send out these seeds together with a call to share pictures and stories online, in social media or other relevant channels. For example in our new Matrix room

Please help us to spread the good news

If you have friends who missed the activity last year or if you know people around Europe that could be interested in these starter kits or you know a community garden that should participate or ... let them know! Talk to them, forward this mail and help us share the news via social media by boosting our posts on Mastodon and/or Twitter:

“Spring is around the corner and we send out another round of starter kits with tasty varieties of #OpenSourceSeeds to help you create a beautiful #OpenSourceGarden.”

By the way: If you did not save yourself seeds from last year and you are looking for new ones, you can of course also re-order a starter kit for yourself if you want. Just be aware that we only have a limited number of start-kits available so please only re-order if you are out of stock.

thank you very much for reading up to here and happy gardening!

Aimee, Lasse, Sun and Erik for the Open Source Gardens