Connecting Gardens

In our first Open Source Gardeners* Unite meeting, we decided that we want to help people start growing Open Source Gardens in an easy way. Currently, in order to grow a variety of Open Source Seeds you often have to order them from each individual breeder themselves. So we decided to send out starter kits that contain several Open Source Seed varieties in one and interested gardeners* can start growing an Open Source Garden with ease.

In every starter kit you will find eight seeds each of Open Source Tomatoes Vivaroma, Vivagrande and Sunviva, Open Source Corn Lisanco and Open Source Chili Black Heart. Also included is a handmade leaflet with compact information about Open Source Seeds in general and tips for growing. All we like you to do in return is to actually grow these seeds, enjoy your gardening season and your harvest — and to please not leave them unattended somewhere in your shelf and forget about it ...

Of course, you do not need to grow all of them or all by yourself. Open Source Seeds are free to share with everyone. And it can be even more fun to share them with your friends and to grow them together or simultaneously.

Finally, once you received a starter kit, we also kindly ask you to connect with us online: Tell us about your garden! Take pictures of your plants and share them with us! Help us #ConnectingGardens!

Spread the word

Even if you do not like or can participate in our ConnectingGardens campaign, you can help us to spread the word about Open Source Gardens. You can now download a general Open Source Gardens leaflet as well as a special leaflet for the Connecting Gardens campaign. Print them out and put them in a place of interest or where you like people to see it, for example in your worksplace, a community garden, a shop, a hackerspace ... you know best by yourself where to put it : )