– our new Mastodon instance

After more than two years on our beloved solarpunk instance called Sunbeam City we move to another instance called

Our new address in the Fediverse is:

The decision was not easy and we are still in love with our “birthplace” Sunbeam City, that is one of the few #solarpunk instances in the #Fediverse. You will always be the instance where our first seeds have grown.

It is however time to move on now, because we want to join an instance that federates more widely. People interested in Open Source Gardens should be able to follow our main communication channel – which is our Fediverse account – no matter which instance they are on.

So we found A #Mastodon instance run by the chaos community. We decided to move to because some of our roots are spreading within the lovely #chaos of said community. Also we had the pleasure to run our first online Open Source Garden within the chaos of RC3. Now we very much look forward to further grow the chaos <3

How to follow the new account?

If you follow us from another Mastodon instance, you should automatically be moved to the new account. Except if you are running on a Mastodon version 3.5.1 or before. In this case as well as in the case you follow us from another Fediverse software you will not be moved automatically but have to get active by yourself.

We hope you follow : )