OSG's handwritten notes


It is official! We are super excited to run our first public information #booth at a conference called “Bits & Bäume” on October 1st & 2nd 2022. And we are not alone! Together with Open Source Seeds e.V. and Open Source Ecology Germany e.V. we create a common corner with “everything open source – from #seeds to hardware”. And you can be part of it!

Until there is the final link, here is the summary of what we envision:

Open Source Ecology, Open Source Seeds and Open Source Gardens – three initiatives are putting the culture back into agriculture. Together we create the basis for a future in which our basic food supply is developed collectively. Hear everything about free seeds, DIY gardens and open source hardware for a participatory and sustainable society and agriculture.

Behind the scenes, we are working hard now to prepare a pleasant and enlightening experience for you, from seeds to information material to our first public #presentation (thanks to coco!) to an interactive quiz ... And we are looking for new friends while doing it!

If you come to the conference and if you like Open Source Gardens, this is a perfect momentum to help us and become part of our first ever booth team. To do so you can directly join us in our dedicated Matrix room or write to bundb@opensourcegardens.info. We are looking forward getting to know you and growing the gardens together 🌻

For everyone else who makes it to the conference, we are happy to meet you at the booth. The conference is a one-of-its-kind about #DigitalSustainability and Open Source Gardens is happy to be part of it – thanks to @c47 and coco.