OSG Bouquet 01/2022: seeds, matrix & growing with you

Welcome to the first #bouquet of the Open Source Gardens in 2022. Our bouquet is what other people used to call Newsletter. We will briefly review what happened within our movement in 2021 and glimpse on what is already planned for 2022. No worries, we keep it short and precise and hope you enjoy the read.

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What has happened in 2021:

What is planned for 2022:

thank you very much for reading up to here and happy gardening!

Erik for the Open Source Gardens

[1] see the blog at: https://sunbeam.city/@opensourcegardens for example: https://sunbeam.city/@opensourcegardens/105955265387964713, https://mastodon.technology/@mischk/106040519840129787, https://sunbeam.city/@opensourcegardens/106430922746427677, https://kith.kitchen/@absinthe/106509597930589146, https://mastodon.social/@3rik/106736944067586382, ...