OSG's handwritten notes


For many of us gardeners*, it is the time of the year to harvest our yield and to enjoy the fruits we planted and took care of throughout the year. And not only is this the time to enjoy our fruits but also to save our seeds for the upcoming seasons.

Saving seeds from the fruits of the current harvest for the plants in the next season is a thousands of years old key practice to grow plants and cultivate new breedings. Not to forget, it is actually the main technology that enabled humankind to finally stop nomadism and settle down.

Still, many of us do not know how to save seeds and so we decided to offer an interactive online workshop presented by Aimee Fenech last year. We recorded the session back then and now uploaded the video on Peertube.

Our love goes out to Aimee for holding the session, to Björn for preparing the video and to the Center for the Cultivation of Technology for hosting us and letting us record the session.

If you like the video/workshop, spread the word! Help others, saving their seeds!

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