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As annunced Open Source Gardens is represented with a village at this year's Chaos Communication Camp. We bring a raised bed full of open source seeds and plants to be present in the Bits&Trees Habitat.

Lightning Talks

For the first time we run a dedicated “sprouting knowledge” session also known as “lightning talks”. We have just started our call for participation and we are looking for inspiring ideas and talks about everything related to open source and gardening: From software to hardware, from constructing your diy raised bed to maintaining a farmbot, from running a community garden to running open olitor, from plant-identification to garden management ... share your best practices with us!

To take part please send a mail to contact@opensourcegardens.info with a short description of your talk. We will let you know your acceptance by the end of the week.

The sprouting knowledge session will happen on Thursday, 17. August, at 18:00 hours in the workshop tent in the Bits&Bäume Habitat.

Schedule of events

Please find all up to date information on our dedicated village page, here is an overview of our events and activities as is on 8. August:


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These are the hand-written news of Open Source Gardens, in initiative to cultivate DIY gardening, Open Source Seeds and Open Source technologies.

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Here you find all the information about Open Source Gardens, what it is about and how you can grow with us.

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This is our community room to discuss everything related to open source and DIY gardening.

we have good news for you: We repeat the seed sending activity #ConnectingGardens from last year to help people open sourcing their gardens


For this activity we send out the same starter kits from last year including seeds from Open Source Tomatoes Vivaroma, Vivagrande and Sunviva, Open Source Corn Lisanco and Open Source Chili Black Heart. We send out these seeds together with a call to share pictures and stories online, in social media or other relevant channels. For example in our new Matrix room

Please help us to spread the good news


Welcome to the first #bouquet of the Open Source Gardens in 2022. Our bouquet is what other people used to call Newsletter. We will briefly review what happened within our movement in 2021 and glimpse on what is already planned for 2022. No worries, we keep it short and precise and hope you enjoy the read.

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