OSG's handwritten notes


Dear fellows, we are looking for nice people to join our movement. No matter what your background is, where you live or what your favorite plant is, we welcome any contributions. These could be:

  • Contributors: Do you enjoy writing, explaining, researching? We have several ideas of content that we like to see on our pages, from a “how to start your first breeding” to “open source software you can use to maintain your garden” and look for contributors. Or maybe you have your own ideas or like to write the next blog post?

  • Developers: We deploy our website through a git repository on the non-profit organisation Codeberg: https://codeberg.org/opensourcegardens the page is written in plain HTML/CSS so far and we would love to keep it as simple as possible – following permacomputing design principles. We look for people who have interest joining our cause in developing our website following these principles.

  • Translators: You like the content on www.opensourcegardens.info and you like to help us bringing the message into your mother tongue? Please get in contact and we can help in prioritizing and organizing your translations.

  • Designers: In the last months we created a logo and a relaunch of our website and soon we will have our first sticker being produced. We still have so much more ideas about posters, infographics, handouts and more though, and we would love to speed up its creation. So if you have a passion for designing promotion material and alike using Free Software / Open Source please join our cause.

  • Anything else? You are deep into the fediverse, you have a podcast, you love to create movies or to breed new varieties ... whatever you are into that you think could be of interest to our movement and we forgot to mention here, please bring it to the table!

If you find yourself in the text above and you like to join our cause and get to know other people who are passionate about Open Source Gardens as well, join our public Matrix room OSG's Webroom: https://app.element.io/#/room/#osg-webroom:matrix.org

On purpose we have one room for all because we believe that cross-disciplinary thoughts and activities can boost creativity and motivation.

Looking forward to meeting you!