OSG now has a logo: The Open Source Dandelion

From printings to social media accounts, more and more we saw the need to have a clear logo rather than an image to represent the Open Source Gardens. Now we are super excited to let you know that we have a logo and we call it the Open Source Dandelion:

Logo of Open Source Gardens called Open Source Dandelion. The image is a schematic drawing of a dandelion with a visual reference to a keyhole and to people as seeeds.

Variations: You can download a 400 px version of this logo, as well as a 400 px PNG that presents the Open Source Dandelion in its green on transparent background. In addition you find the svg in a and a black and white version and a 400 pixel sized PNG in black and white. Official Colors that we use for logo portraits in the web use two greens with HTML notations #3cd71b and #0d372d.

Logo of Open Source Gardens in Black and White called Open Source Dandelion. The image is a schematic drawing of a dandelion with a visual reference to a keyhole and to people as seeds.


For a while we have been looking for a logo that represents the core values of Open Source Gardens. Looking at the very first sentence of our vision “We create “Open Source Gardens” and connect people via Open Source (philosophy, seeds, software & hardware) in a horticultural and creative way.” we found the Open Source Dandelion to represent our slogan in its three most important aspects.

With the priceless help from Turtlesprout via Open Source Design, we have been able to run a collective process and create this logo of ours. Thanks a lot to everyone involved and in particular to Turtlesprout.


Start a garden and you create a never ending flow of life and nature with the tendency to grow wild and to spread into your neighbourhood even though you take care not to. This is not only true for the plants themselves but also for the ideas and inspirations that thrive where a garden grows and whenever people see the creative work of gardens and gardeners.

We have always represented this idea with a dandelion whose seeds fly through the air, using the picture at the bottom. Based on this image, our logo not only shows a dandelion, it also shows how its seeds are drifting away in the wind and spread the seeds and ideas of Open Source Gardens. This is illustrated with the outbreaking seeds on the top right corner and right side. It's possibility to fly through the air and grow at any place represents our wish to let open source gardens grow all around in any place.


After all, Open Source Gardens is about connecting people. Just as any single seed is able to grow another dandelion, every one of us has the knowledge to grow an Open Source Garden. But we are not alone. We want to help each other, share knowledge and experience. Ultimately, this way all gardens together form the Open Source Gardens and grow a living community of Open Source Gardeners*.

Another aspect is common gardening. Open Source Gardens supports collective efforts of gardening like community gardens or community-supported agriculture.

In our logo this is represented by seeds who look like people that open their arms widely into the air. This is a sign of excitement but it also represents the open arms of a welcoming community that grow together, arm in arm.

Open Source

Obviously, Open Source Gardens is about Open Source. We grow Open Source Seeds and we use Open Source technologies to support our gardening. We want to share our knowledge and learn from each other.

In our logo, the dandelions' stipe is formed in a way that is looks like a keyhole. This keyhole represents the openness and Open Source character of our thoughts and activities. From philosophy to seeds to software & hardware: we want our knowledge being open and published Open Source so everyone is able to share it with each other.

We will update all our accounts in the next days with the new logo, also the webpage will be re-designed soonish. For reference, here the picture we have used so far as our logo: