ConnectingGardens 2023

And we do it again: We repeat our sseed sending activity #ConnectingGardens from last year and the year before to help people open sourcing their gardens.

Same Same but different

As usual, we send out starter kits including varieties of Open Source Seeds, but this year – apart from the usual suspects Vivaroma, Sunviva and Black Heart – including brand new varieties, one called Märchenglanz and the other two so new that they will only become Open Source licensed later this year: “Märchengranat” and “Märchensnack”. Be aware that the latter varieties (all “Märchen...”) are so brandnew, that this season there are just very few seeds available and unfortunately we can only send you a sample each. On the other hand, that means you can pioneer new Open Source varieties and we encourage you to save and share some seeds at the end of the season to help other people grow these varieties next year and get them spread. We send out these seeds together with a call to share pictures and stories online, in social media or other relevant channels. For example in our new Matrix room

Please help us to spread the good news

If you have friends who missed the activity last year or if you know people around Europe that could be interested in these starter kits or you know a community garden that should participate or ... let them know! Talk to them, forward this mail and help us share the news via social media.