Our first Open Source Garden

The Allmende Kontor is an association that hosts a public communicty garden on the Tempelhofer Feld. The garden is a very unique set up of raised beds, run by a community of people who offer their gardens and constructions to whole Berlin and meanwhile also sadly grows into one of the largest tourist attractions in Berlin. Sadly because there are some different interests between the gardeners and the tourists and that this place is in such a good shape is only possible thanks to dedicated community members.

Our first OSG <3

Once a year some of the pots and raised beds look for new community members that take care of them. This usually happens in April but because of Corona this year the event was postponed to June. Rebeka and Erik went there and spontaneously formed a group with other people we met at the place and together managed to get one of the pots. Unbelievable. Now this is the worlds first Open Source Garden!

And it could not be at a better spot. A place full of history and in between the hipsterism of international tourism and the localism of neighbours caring about their gardens. So many stories have already been told at this place and we are sure that many more will follow!

Locate the garden on Open Street Map

Big love to Rebeka, without you this would have never been possible <3

Funfact: After we have been given the spot we walked home when we found some people constructing a wooden bench and they had some leftovers so we asked them if we can use them for our new garden pot and so, just one hour later, we had all the material ready that we need to construct our raised bed : )