Open Source Gardens at Bits&Trees Berlin

What are open source seeds? And how can open source seeds sustainably help us to overcome the monoculture on the field and the monopolization in the agricultural sector? How can I contribute with my garden and is the better world really plantable?

On Thursday 29.6.23 Erik Albers will talk about open source seeds and technologies and the associated gardeners* community Open Source Gardens at the Bits&Trees meeting in the c-base Berlin. Problems of intellectual limitation rights are discussed, for example patents. At the same time ways out of the misery are illuminated with the help of Open Source. And of course, there will be retrospectives and outlooks into the activities and ideas of the community and how you can participate.

The picture shows a seedbag with open Source Seeds and a flag with an OSG logo and a logo of Bits&Trees as part of a game in which you get seeds if you find the flag.

No need to expect a classical lecture but rather a relaxed round of discussions. There will be pictures to see, an open source plant will be on site, as well as open source seeds to take away and plant yourself. Besides, questions can be asked and also brought seeds can be exchanged. Admission is 19:00, start 19:30.